Under HIPAA, MouthWatch and you are considered “Business Associates” and are both required to protect patients’ health information from disclosure to unauthorized persons or parties. This requirement extends to our employees. Complete details of HIPAA requirements and the Business Associate relationship are available to you at:

By offering MouthWatch to you, we agree to protect protect patients’ health information from disclosure, and to protect all such information so that a patient’s information can only be obtained when specifically requested by you. Should any incident occur in which this confidentiality is breached, we agree to notify you promptly. We further agree to irrevocably delete and destroy any patient’s record upon your written request.

By using MouthWatch, you agree to only use the MouthWatch system according to the instructions we provide. Any use of patient records by you outside of the MouthWatch system is not covered under this Agreement. You also agree that MouthWatch can retain patients’ health information, including intraoral images, photographic or radiographic images, uploaded reference images, video or text, created by your patient or by you or a member of your practice, on its server, and that further documentation is not required.