MouthWatch For Patients


With increased visibility of your entire mouth, MouthWatch helps you and everyone in your family dramatically improve their oral health and hygiene. What's more, by seeing magnified images of your teeth and gums - you and your loved ones will finally see the areas you've been missing. Plus, kids understand what brushing really means, which helps them develop the health habits that will last a lifetime (and save money spent on costly restorative dental work.)


girl brushing her teeth


MouthWatch is a piece of cake to use.  Simply connect the USB intraoral camera to your laptop, install the MouthWatch software and you can view and capture images and videos of your mouth.  Then decide if you want to securely share questions, images and concerns with them.

MouthWatch is the answer to some important questions:


  • Does your family know where food is getting stuck, and can you make sure you get it out?
  • Do your kids really understand what brushing is and all of the tooth surfaces they should be brushing?
  • Did you realize that there’s plaque and tartar buildup in places you just can’t see in a mirror?
  • Did you realize that food particles and plaque buildup are contributors to bad breath?
  • Isn’t there an easier way to share with your dentist the concerns that you have without taking time out of your busy schedule to come in for an appointment?
  • Do you have someone in your home with special needs or is elderly?  MouthWatch makes the initial dental visit more productive, saves travel and reduces anxiety for everyone.