Combining the best features of an intraoral camera with innovative patient engagement software, MouthWatch will forever change the way that dentists interact with their patients.


MouthWatch announced the MouthWatch Home Dental Monitoring System; a revolutionary way for dentists to treat and monitor patients virtually, all the while giving them personalized care they are accustomed to receiving. The MouthWatch system will make its debut at the Greater New York Dental Meeting on December 1st, 2013.


Through the integration of a consumer-priced intraoral camera with a robust, easy-to-use desktop and mobile application – dentists are able to offer their patients better care, peace of mind, and the technology that finally brings telemedicine into the realm of the dentistry.


“MouthWatch helps my practice not only foster loyalty and the right kind of connection with my patients, but it allows patients to see the treatment they need for themselves,” said Dr. Jerry Herman, DDS. “My practice can finally see what patients can barely describe, and they love knowing that I’m able to consult them without the need for them taking time out of their busy schedules.”


The HIPAA-compliant MouthWatch system enables patients to securely monitor oral health and hygiene and home, instead of in the office. When patients bring the MouthWatch camera into their home, dentists are able to develop new and improved lines of communication that increases not only patient engagement, but also practice revenue.


MouthWatch offers a robust set of features, which enable patients to conduct visual exams, identify possible concerns, and a way to easily track and monitor any concerns or conditions, all in the comfort of their own home. Patients will share diagnostic quality images and videos (from their MothWatch camera) with their dentist, and they can easily schedule reminders for their own follow-up on conditions and concerns. Furthermore, the entire family can share a single MouthWatch system, and utilize the software tools to help everyone take better care of their teeth, mouth and gums.


In addition to the intraoral camera, the MouthWatch platform offers mobile apps for both iPhone and Android, which allows dental patients to easily capture intraoral images with their phone that concern them, and quickly share with their dentist. Everything transmitted through the MouthWatch platform is transmitted and stored within the cloud, which means one can access images from anywhere.


Dentists that employ the MouthWatch platform will enjoy additional revenues due to the increase in efficiency that utilizing the MouthWatch platform offers. Appointments can be easily scheduled through the MouthWatch software when patients submit their concerns. Additionally, due to the optimization of the appointment making process, telephone and triage time is reduced because of the images shared by the patient that clearly show any issues they may have.


MouthWatch’s innovative “patient linking” feature “locks” the patient to the practice, helping to build loyalty and referrals. Patients who use the MouthWatch platform will experience improved health, wellness and appearance which will create amazing word-of-mouth marketing for your dental practice.


The MouthWatch platform is sold to professionals in bundles of 3, 6 or 12 units. Each MouthWatch package includes the MouthWatch USB intraoral camera, MouthWatch mobile app, software access, and 50 disposable sleeves. Single cameras have an MSRP of $299 with professional and volume discounts available.


MouthWatch, LLC was formed in March 2012 with the mission to improve communication, care and connection between dentists and their patients through teledentistry – the use of information technology, hardware and telecommunications for dental care, consultation, education and public awareness in the same manner as telehealth and telemedicine.


MouthWatch has been designed by dentists for dentists. The social and medical trends of remote monitoring and telemedicine are here to stay and grow. MouthWatch is the first and only product on the market to easily, securely and intelligently bring these to the dental practice.


If you'd like more information about MouthWatch, or to schedule an interview or product demo, please call Brant Herman at 877.544.4342 or e-mail