MouthWatch Intraoral Camera Support


It is easy to integrate the MouthWatch Intraoral Camera with your digital x-ray software. Follow the steps below to set up our Button Capture Software and configure your digital x-ray software.



Step 1 - Install Button Capture Software

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See the below video for instructions on installing the Button Capture Software.



Step 2 - Configure Your Digital X-Ray Software





Additional guides are coming shortly.

If you require additional support, please begin a chat or call 877-544-4342.




Commonly Asked Questions


We hope that your installation is a piece of cake. Here are some answers to common questions:


  • Do MouthWatch Cameras work with Windows 10?
    Yes. Our cameras work wih Windows XP -> Windows 10. 32 bit or 64 bit computers. Our cameras also work with Macs.
  • Can I plug a MouthWatch camera into an iPad?
    No. As there is no USB port or support for powered devices, our camera won't work directly with an iPad...yet.
  • MouthWatch was working perfectly and then I upgraded to Windows 10. Now it won't capture.
    Simply uninstall the Capture Button program and then reinstall it. Everything will work perfectly.
  • Why am I getting a staggered image in the video stream?
    Check to see that the "Color Space Compression" is set to YUY2, not MJPG
  • Will the camera or ExamTab work on Android devices?
    Some clients can get the camera to work in Android using a third party video app. We don't support this. We do plan to release ExamTab software for Android soon in late 2016.
  • How long is the USB cable?
    The attached cable is 6 feet. You can extend it another 6 feet using an extension USB cable.
  • When I put the sheath on the camera, it gets cloudy. What is the issue?
    It's probably upside down. Make sure you slide the camera in with the lens facing away from the blue tab.
  • Why is my capture button not working?
    First, try to exit and restart the Capture Button Software. If that doesn't work, make sure it's set to your imaging program. If that doesn't work, chat with us or call 877-544-4342.




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