Why Use MouthWatch in Your Practice


MouthWatch brings extraordinary benefits to both your practice and your patients.

Increased case acceptance

Patients who monitor dental conditions at home will more readily accept your treatment recommendations, adhere to scheduled visits and follow post treatment instructions.

A stronger connection

Mobile application and enhanced reminder functions allow you to visually link with your patients and their concerns – wherever you or they may be.

Safe sharing

HIPAA-compliant image and record storage ensures secure patient-to dentist and dentist-to-dentist communication.

Instant Impressions

In-office features allow staff to capture reference images that patients can review and compare.

Patient retention

MouthWatch offers you the chance to “lock” your patients to your practice.

Increased visibility

Enhanced online practice profiles help make your online presence more noticeable.

Social promotion

The special attention your patients will experience creates amazing word-of-mouth marketing for your dental practice.

All this for the price of a rechargeable toothbrush!