MouthWatch TeleDent
For Managed Care Facilities


Until now, providing dental care to residents of managed care facilities was inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive. And yet according to the U.S. Surgeon General, good oral health is essential for systemic health and overall well-being, especially for frail elderly persons. Now there is a simple and profitable way to improve dental health services for your residents across the complete spectrum of oral health care - assessment, hygiene and treatment.


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Using the MouthWatch TeleDent teledentistry system alone or with minimal assistance, residents can see how well they are caring for their teeth and gums, and to inspect any areas of concern within their mouths.  


After reviewing their oral images, residents (or caregivers) can choose to securely forward selected images and questions to preferred dental professionals and family members or even set up a live interactive consultation!


In just minutes, dental professionals can review the images and respond with their recommendation as to whether the condition needs attention. And if treatment is required, appointments can be scheduled more accurately, knowing advance what work needs to be done.


The MouthWatch TeleDent system provides real benefits to managed care facilities:


  • Expand your facility’s reputation by offering proactive involvement in residents’ oral health and care
  • Generate new revenue stream through fees for MouthWatch services
  • Streamline transportation planning
  • No capital investment is required. The MouthWatch system is available to long term care facilities in a range of subscription models. As each implementation is tailored to the specific needs of the facility, please contact us to discuss your facility's specific needs.


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