Out of sight, out of mind


Your patients typically remember only 50% of what you recommended. And that’s on their way out the door. When patients forget your recommendations, they postpone or even ignore treatment. That costs you money.


Getting patients to not only remember, but to act promptly on your treatment plan can significantly improve patient health and increase practice revenue.

Why Use MouthWatch?

Boost Acceptance

Improve Care

Motivate Action

Engage Patients


Visual calls to action after your patient has left the office get patients to "yes"


Empower patients to improve their home care and hygiene routine


Help patients visualize, understand and act on treatment plans


Share images, notes and reminders with patients via secure web and mobile apps


Connect Continues the Conversation - Anytime, Anywhere


MouthWatch Connect's software lets you securely share images, x-rays, notes, treatment plans and more - directly to patients, via browser or the Connect smartphone app.

Your expertise and treatment recommendations are always available to patients through their web browser, tablet or smartphone – making care easy to understand and accept.


Photos and Videos

Treatment Notes




Capture and upload images, videos and x-rays to reinforce the need for care.


Explain your treatment plan and care recommendations


Don't let patients forget about what you discussed during their visit.


Patients can easily request appointments with a browser or smartphone.

Share Securely


Encrypted communications and controlled access helps you comply with the latest HIPAA and privacy regulations.

Pro-to-Pro sharing allows you to provide your network of referring specialists access to patient records in a secure and innovative method.

Why Use MouthWatch?