With a groundbreaking product that brings the benefits of intraoral cameras into the long term care setting, MouthWatch has given nursing homes, assisted living and other long term care facilities the ability to easily and effectively improve oral health and hygiene for each and every resident.

The MouthWatch Home Dental Monitoring System® allows care providers and nursing staff to visually examine residents with an easy-to-use intraoral camera and HIPAA-compliant software suite. These images can then be securely shared with the resident’s or facility’s dentist of choice for review and consultation - all without needing to drive the resident to the dental office or wait for a mobile dentist to visit.

Implementing this kind of communication and attention to oral health improves resident’s quality of life in many ways. In addition to time savings and the coordination of efficient travel, proper oral health and hygiene is clearly linked with preventing ailments that can lead to malnutrition, asocial behavior and serious systemic health conditions.

“With just a laptop computer and the MouthWatch camera system, every managed care facility can now offer their residents a way to monitor oral health and hygiene - an obvious, yet often neglected aspect of resident well being,” said Brant Herman, CEO of MouthWatch, LLC.


He continues “Telemedicine is consistently proving its value in the managed care setting, allowing any facility to enhance care while saving time and money. MouthWatch brings the benefits of telemedicine to dentistry.”

The MouthWatch camera’s diagnostic quality images and videos make it easy for any registered dentist to determine the urgency and time required for an in-office visit. Appointment requests are accompanied by visual images of the patient’s concern, dramatically reducing the time and uncertainty normally associated with “triage by telephone.”

The MouthWatch system is sold to managed care facilities on a subscription basis, with each implementation tailored to the needs of the facility and the number of residents.

MouthWatch, LLC was formed in 2012 with the mission to improve communication, dental care, education, and connection between dentists and their patients through teledentistry. MouthWatch is the first and only product on the market that easily, securely and intelligently puts these technological advances in the combined hands of the care provider, patient and dentist.