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venture beat Digital health accelerator StartUp Health adds six new companies to its portfolio more
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MouthWatch has launched its in-home oral health monitoring system that visually connects patients to dentists. The MouthWatch system allows patients to see for themselves the dental care they more

dental product shopper MouthWatch is an innovative in-home oral health monitoring system that visually connects patients to the dental practice, allowing them to see for themselves the dental care they need. MouthWatch can boost recall rates when patients see the need for more
dimensions of dental hygiene MouthWatch recently unveiled its MouthWatch® Home Dental Monitoring System. This system combines an intraoral camera with intuitive patient engagement software to allow clinicians to closely monitor and advise patients from more
dental economics What about a virtual dental exam? Through the years, some of us have given patients little plastic dental mirrors so they can monitor various dental conditions such as plaque, calculus--and in some situations--monitor the healing of a simple lesion. This has been taken to a new level by more
dentoscope This French dental publication highlighted MouthWatch as one of their favorite finds at the Chicago Dental Show in February, the article here

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NEW YORK - May 1st, 2014

With a groundbreaking product that brings the benefits of intraoral cameras into the long term care setting, MouthWatch has given nursing homes, assisted living and other long term care facilities... Read More

NEW YORK - November 20th, 2013

Combining the best features of an intraoral camera with innovative patient engagement software, MouthWatch LLC has forever changed the way dentists interact with their patients. Read More

CHICAGO - February 19th, 2014

MouthWatch will also be providing a sneak peek at MouthWatch Connect, a new remote monitoring solution for the entire practice. Read More