Teledentistry For Public Health


Oral health is one of the most overlooked and neglected aspects of public health programs. There is a strong need for education and prevention, to help reduce the damage and expense that untreated dental issues can bring.

The first steps in helping improve dental health are promoting patient education and prevention - MouthWatch is the solution that brings these to patients from any location in connection with a dentist in a remote location.



MouthWatch is a teledentistry and remote monitoring solution perfect for situations where access to care is limited. MouthWatch is the perfect, affordable teledentistry solution for:


managed care
  • Rural dental care screenings and consultations
  • Patient education programs, where visual engagement with patients boosts understanding and care
  • Children's oral health screenings at schools, community centers or health fairs
  • International aid programs looking to incorporate dental health evaluations and remote exam capabilities
  • Any teledentistry program

Simply having a health professional in the community and a licensed dentist in a central location, expertise is shared and care is improved.


The MouthWatch system has intraoral imaging at its core, but custom solutions can be tailored to a specific program needs. Fill out the form below to share your goals and we will be in touch to make them an effective reality.


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