MouthWatch For Specialists


MouthWatch brings the benefits of teledentistry to a range of dental specialties.  Each patient in a specialist's office has unique needs, and the MouthWatch system is the perfect way for all types of specialists to connect with other dental professionals and their patients. Click on the specialty below to learn more:


Pediatric Dentists | Periodontists | Orthodontists | Oral Surgeons | Geriatric Dentists | Traveling Dentists


Pediatric Dentists


Fostering good habits is a crucial part of the pediatric dentist’s role. Helping parents become more engaged in the health and wellbeing of their children’s oral health is always a challenge – and despite the best efforts of consultation and conversation – many dental screenings don't end up in treatment.


MouthWatch is an effective solution that extends patient education and oral hygiene counseling into any location where the patient can see a dental professional - and soon, from their own computer or smartphone. For children who have concerns about oral hygiene, MouthWatch makes the experience enjoyable and engaging.  Nothing beats seeing their teeth magnified on a monitor – making the benefits of brushing tangible and fun. 

Furthermore, patients who require special needs dentistry have responded well to MouthWatch – using the camera as a way to visually communicate with their care provider in an environment where they are already comfortable. Patients with autism and cognitive or physical impairments can provide dentists with remote images that allow for a more comfortable and productive visit to the dental office.  By knowing what needs to be done prior to their visit, the dentist provides a better experience.  By providing the communication tool to the parent, loyalty and word of mouth is generated, all while giving the parent a better means of seeing the areas of concern for care and hygiene.




The periodontal patient is more likely to require monitoring of conditions or treatments over a long period of time.  Be it periodontal surgery and healing, monitoring recession and response to treatments.  MouthWatch does not reduce the number of visits that a patient may have with a dentist, but it does increase the level of care – something patients come to expect from their care provider. 

With the growing amount of research confirming the link between periodontal disease and overall health and wellness, periodontists need to be more involved than ever before in monitoring their patients and helping achieve proper maintenance and care. Patients with chronic health conditions need to take better care of all areas of their health, and MouthWatch provides a way to have periodontists become a part of that total health solution. Furthermore, education of proper oral hygiene methods combined with remote monitoring capabilities puts a periodontist at the leading edge of patient care. 

MouthWatch not only reassures patients of the importance of their periodontal health and periodontist, but also gets them involved in the process, resulting in better outcomes and more satisfied, loyal patients.




The orthodontic patient is typically undergoing a major, costly procedure – one that requires many visits to the orthodontist’s office in order to simply view and asses some key areas that require attention. MouthWatch helps make the orthodontic practice more connected to patients and more efficient in their visits. 

Not only does MouthWatch help patients improve their oral hygiene and help develop a consistent home care routine, but they can share updates with their orthodontist wherever they go.  Through the mobile app and access to the camera via computer, patients can communicate with your office – from college, summer camp or while on vacation.  Orthodontists can now provide not just the best care possible – they can provide it from anywhere.  

Oral Surgeons


For oral surgeons, MouthWatch helps provide a link between their office and their patient. Following surgery, remote monitoring can help alleviate excessive worry that a patient may have.  It also helps the surgeon coordinate and connect care between the general dentist and/or other specialists.  By providing a HIPAA-compliant platform for sharing images and notes, surgeons can maintain accurate and secure communication with their team of referring specialists and dentists. 

Additionally, MouthWatch allows the oral surgery practice to maintain a unique form of recall and presence in the patient’s home – a presence that is challenging to create without a remote monitoring solution.


Geriatric Dentists


Treating the elderly patient comes with challenges that most dentists rarely encounter.  Aside from mobility challenges and the need for assistance that many patients require, the geriatric patient also has a more difficult time understanding the value of proper dental care during this phase of their life.


While many geriatric patients may have some hesitation with using a USB 2.0 intraoral camera and computer software, what MouthWatch does offer the geriatric patient is a clear benefit, albeit a benefit best provided via the patient’s caregiver or family member.  Using the camera to monitor oral health and hygiene from the comfort of the patients home or managed care facility – makes adherence to a care regimen more feasible.  Plus, should their dentist choose to make the visit to the patient’s residence or schedule an appoint in-office, all parties will have a clear idea of the treatment that needs to be done.   

Traveling Dentists


The mobile dental unit has been effective at bringing high-quality dental care to patients, wherever they might be – in schools, managed care facilities, military bases, hospitals and many more. The challenge many mobile dentists face is the ability to track and monitor care after they leave the site of treatment.  MouthWatch can be customized to meet the record keeping and application requirements of traveling dentists – to help them monitor aftercare while simultaneously providing them with an effective intraoral camera system in their mobile treatment unit.