Introducing TeleDent


TeleDent™ is the only dental software platform designed specifically to help dentists, practices, specialists and public health programs easily and effectively add the benefits of teledentistry into their workflow.


Reach patients and collaborate with hygienists, specialists or non-dental care providers in a wide range of efficient and profitable models that open new opportunities to all types of dental care programs.


Live streaming videoconferencing, intraoral camera integration, store and forward exams plus the ability to capture and share all relevant patient information and clinical data makes TeleDent an easy choice for innovative dental care delivery.



Visually Connect Across Care Settings


In all aspects of dental care, providers and patients face challenges in receiving optimal care. From private practice referrals to public health programs, there are opportunities to enhance communication and ultimately patient outcomes through an innovative and efficient teledentistry platform. TeleDent is a key part of the solution. You are the other part.




Uses Cases For TeleDentistry




Private Practice

Public Health

Clinical Collaboration

Off-Site Preventive Care
Pop Up Dental
Mobile Programs
Extended Hygiene Hours
Multi-practice supervision


New approaches and practice models open opportunities to reach new patients and grow revneue.

Elder Care
Screening Programs
Rural Settings


Equity of care can be acheived through innovation and efficient care delivery models.

Enhanced Referrals
Lab Collaboration
Care Team Coordination
Treatment Planning


Get care teams of specialists and GPs on the same page for better patient outcomes and easier, secure collaboration.

Group Practices

Medical Dental Integration

Education and Training

Off-Site Preventive
Intra-Group Speciality Consults
Outreach Programs
Innovative Care Delivery Models


Group practices connected to new opportunities can provide meaningful innovation.

Hospitals and Emergency Rooms
Urgent Care
Medical Speciaties
Home Health Care


Seeing patients at the point of care improves outcomes and identifies dental issues earlier.

Teledentistry Curriculum
Remote Mentorship
Case Evaluations
Virtual Study Clubs
Interdisciplinary Dental Education


Real-time and asynchronous technology connects expertise where it’s needed most.



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What is TeleDent


TeleDent allows for communication and collaboration between dental professionals and their patients. Some of the ways TeleDent does this are:


  • Live video consultations
  • Store and forward evaluations
  • HIPAA compliance and encryption
  • Exam Assignment to Providers
  • Screen Sharing
  • Online and Offline Modes
  • Provider Notifications
  • Clincial Document Storage
  • Image and File Sharing
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Intraoral Camera Integration
  • Team Management Tools


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