Introducing TeleDent


MouthWatch TeleDent™ is an integrated and coordinated platform that can integrate with existing telemedicine solutions or as a stand alone system. MouthWatch thrives in both live streaming and asynchronous environments.


MouthWatch's powerful teledentistry solutions connect dental patients to powerful imaging and professional expertise at the point of care. From easy visual screenings that support preventive oral health care to remote triage of an emergency dental issue, MouthWatch TeleDent™ brings an affordable and effective tool to any existing telemedicine program.



Do More Dentistry Without Adding More Chairs


Teledentistry lets you see patients and advise them on the care they need, regardless of their location - and without leaving your office. Plus, patients who are seen via teledentistry are more likely to come in for treatment.

Using the MouthWatch intraoral camera, tablet and TeleDent™ platform, your hygienist or a patient’s caregiver can easily obtain and share live streaming or “store and forward” diagnostic images, videos and documentation, allowing you to remotely conduct an evaluation and recommend next steps.

Seeing patients with TeleDent™ is not only easy, it’s efficient and profitable. In fact, your hygienist can easily see multiple patients at a remote location which then turn into evaluations for review and potential in-office patients. And more and more insurance plans are providing attractive reimbursement for teledentistry evaluations, consultations and intraoral images.


Teledentistry Benefits Are Clear


  • Attract new patients without taking up chair time or resources
  • Increase revenue streams for dentists and hygienists
  • Provide profitable, convenient outreach to your community
  • Convert teledentistry evaluations into in-office treatment
  • Offer convenient, no-transport oral evaluations
  • Convert efficient screenings into productive appointments
  • Improve claim support and documentation
  • Benefit from increasing teledentistry reimbursement


TeleDent is the easiest way to offer teledentistry


Until now, implementing teledentistry required a complicated patchwork of software, computers and networking expertise - along with the patient, document and image management tools often required by state regulations, all of which needed to be HIPAA-compliant.


MouthWatch TeleDent is a turnkey platform that makes teledentistry easy, effective and affordable.


With your staff in the field, you can efficiently review evaluations, provide live consultations and track everything you need for reimbursable teledentistry. All in an easy to use, HIPAA-compliant system. With just our tablet, intraoral camera and TeleDent software — and a dentist with access to a web browser, you can vastly increase the breadth and efficiency of your practice. TeleDent


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Adding Dental Care to Telemedicine


MouthWatch Intraoral Cameras integrate perfectly with your telemedicine cart or portable telemedicine solution. Additionally, MouthWatch software can integrate into a wide range of telehealth systems. This allows your current facility to easily add dental care to your telehealth program. Our network of dentists may also be available to help support any interactive or asynchronous consultations.



Request A Teledentistry Consultation


Understanding exactly how teledentistry can work for your practice, public health program or managed care setting can be a challenge. MouthWatch can help you understand the opportunity, technology, work-flows and reimbursement models best suited to your situation. Please fill out the below form or call us at 877-544-4342 to discuss your specific needs.






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