An Introduction to Remote Monitoring

What is MouthWatch Remote Monitoring?

MouthWatch Connect allows for a revolutionary in-office AND in-home oral health monitoring system that visually connects your patients to your dental practice. MouthWatch allows patients to finally see their entire mouth, which leads to the recognition of the importance of proper oral health, hygiene and quality dental care. Patients can see for themselves the need and importance of cleanings, tracking concerns or seeing cosmetic work they may want. All of this, while increasing patient communication and satisfaction with your practice.

MouthWatch combines an affordable, high-quality intraoral camera with innovative software and a mobile app into a patient engagement tool like no other.


The Camera

The MouthWatch intraoral camera is designed to be used not only by dentists, but also by patients to capture diagnostic quality intraoral still images and videos from the office or even the comfort of the patient's home.

MouthWatch Intraoral Camera

  • It’s easy to use - A convenient “capture” button records photos and videos directly into the secure MouthWatch system.
  • It’s well-designed - The camera is optimized for comfortable use, and requires no maintenance other than surface cleaning. We provide you with disposable sleeves to keep it clean, or simply wipe it down after each use.
  • It’s handy - Smaller than a rechargeable toothbrush, the MouthWatch camera is convenient anywhere in your patient’s home, office or luggage.
  • It’s amazing - Diagnostic-quality imaging sensors and six bright LEDs provide images equivalent or better to those taken by cameras designed for dental operatories - most of which cost several thousand dollars. In fact, this same camera is used by thousands of dental practices. See Gallery of Sample Images
  • It’s guaranteed - We stand behind all of our cameras with a 1 year limited warranty. As long as you or your patients don't break it in half, submerge it in water or put it in an autoclave, we guarantee it. We've also got a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to make sure you're happy.

The Software »

The Software

The MouthWatch proprietary software--with its innovative, easy-to-use features--was developed with both patients and dentists in mind.

MouthWatch promotes patient retention

It promotes patient retention - MouthWatch knows that the connection between you and your patients is important. MouthWatch allows your practice to "lock" patients to you, ensuring that images and questions can only be shared with you. No shopping around. Even better, you can allow patients to add their family members to the system, connecting even more potential patients with your practice

MouthWatch provides the details

It provides the details - When patients share a concern with you, you receive not only their photos and/or videos, but also key information including where in the mouth, what type of concern it is, if it’s an emergency, whether there is pain or bleeding, how long the condition has been a concern plus other useful information. You can accurately plan appointments knowing in advance what work has to be done.

MouthWatch is secure and HIPAA-compliant

It’s secure and HIPAA-compliant - All MouthWatch records, including patient details,photos, videos and communications are transmitted and stored using 256-bit encryption. This avoids the violations and possible fines inherent in sending patient information through email. You can even share images, treatment plans, upload x-rays and add comments for other professionals using MouthWatch, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are fully compliant.

MouthWatch is tailored to your needs

It’s tailored to your needs - While patients have their own Patient Dashboard where they easily create and share QuickExams, track Concerns or request appointments, your practice will have a Professional Dashboard optimized to your needs. You and your staff can quickly review and respond to patients’ shared images, register new patients, take reference photos while patients are in the office, set reminders and more.

The Mobile App »

The Mobile App

The MouthWatch mobile app enables your patients to visually consult with you when they are on-the-go and something is wrong.

MouthWatch mobile app

It’s always ready - The MouthWatch app is compatible with iOS and Android and can be used to capture facial and intraoral images in times of emergency, when your patients are away from home, using the native camera on the phone

It’s streamlined - We’ve customized the MouthWatch mobile app for quick and easy use while away from home. Capturing images, sharing concerns and requesting appointments are all performed with a just a few steps.

MouthWatch mobile app

It’s complete - Patients have complete access to their MouthWatch account through the app, plus they have the same ability to share a concern and provide details including images, notes and other useful information that you need to understand the problem. And responding to patients is just as easy.

It’s about your practice - With our app in their pocket, your patients can quickly send an appointment request, ask a question, update their insurance information or call the practice. Now you’re not only innovative, but also more accessible.