Our Intraoral Camera


Intraoral cameras are proven tools for boosting patient awareness and case acceptance, but why should they cost thousands of dollars?

MouthWatch makes chairside intraoral imaging affordable enough to include a camera in every operatory, making case presentation and treatment proposals that much easier... and more effective!


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Intraoral Camera For Dentists

Integrates Easily

Clear Images

Stellar Support



Integrates with imaging programs including Eaglesoft, Dexis, Tigerview, Apteryx and more.


Our quality imaging chip and exceptional lens produce vivid images of the mouth.
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As a U.S. company we stand behind our products with lifetime support and a 1 year warranty.


Ergonomic handle is light and a pleasure to use with convenient single button capture.

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MouthWatch TeleDent


Teledentistry lets you see patients and advise them on the care they need, regardless of their location - and without leaving your office. Plus, patients who are seen via teledentistry are more likely to come in for treatment.


Using the MouthWatch intraoral camera, tablet and TeleDent™ platform, your hygienist or a patient’s caregiver can easily obtain and share live streaming or “store and forward” diagnostic images, videos and documentation, allowing you to remotely conduct an evaluation and recommend next steps.

Seeing patients with TeleDent™ is not only easy, it’s efficient and profitable. In fact, your hygienist can easily see multiple patients at a remote location which then turn into evaluations for review and potential in-office patients. And more and more insurance plans are providing attractive reimbursement for teledentistry evaluations, consultations and intraoral images. Download the brochure


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What People Are Saying:

"I've always loved the benefits of intraoral cameras, and MouthWatch gives me those benefits - and saves me enough money that I can put a camera in every operatory."

Dr. Lee, Los Angeles


"If you are looking to add an intraoral camera to your office without breaking the bank, MouthWatch is it. Line-drive single back up the middle for MouthWatch!"


"Teledentistry always seemed to be something just for rural patients, but we're able to do some amazing things that connect our patients to our practice, even when they're in the city."

Dr. Rosenberg, New York

"I am very happy that I bought an intraoral camera. It paid for itself in one day. My hygienist and I are both using it constantly and it is a great communication tool."

Dr. Lossef, Brooklyn
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